Tenuta Campo Al Signore


‘One day, returning from a business trip, I passed through Bolgheri and fell in love with it’.
This was the starting point for Luca and Valentina’s adventure in the exciting world of Bolgheri red wine. He, a business consultant, and she, head of a company producing and organising events related to the world of art.

“We had never thought about the countryside, but then we felt the desire to have a small space of our own, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the daily routines. We thought of a project to be built together, step by step. To cultivate and watch it growing”.

Tenuta Campo al Signore is an innovative project focused on the history of the land. It was launched in 2010, when Luca and Valentina, seized by a deep desire to own their own space in the countryside, decided to buy the property and renovate it with care and commitment, being careful to maintain the characteristics of the land, both for the farmhouse and the vineyards.

The idea is to make great wines that are the expression of the territory, fully respecting the seasons and the rhythms dictated by nature.
“For us, concern for nature and sustainability are the key words.”

Natural, genuine products, obtained by limiting external additives and external technical interventions as much as possible.
A severe selection of grapes, a careful and scrupulous manual harvest carried out with small wooden boxes to avoid overweight.

These are our values that distinguish us and from the very beginning we have chosen to cultivate and to produce respecting the environment and since 2022 we have been a certified organic winery, both as for vineyard and for cellar.

The farm covers 5h including vineyards and olive groves.
There is a small botanical garden and a well-kept and well-designed garden.



“To be lucky enough to own a land and not ruin it is the most beautiful form of art one could wish for.”

We are a young and dynamic farm, focused on sustainability: for us, taking care of the territory hosting us is the most important thing.
There is no need for great heroic actions, it only takes small and simple ones, which, if multiplied by millions, would transform the world.

We have chosen to play our role: always looking for ‘greener’ methods and solutions for our estate, we try to respect nature to the utmost, paying attention to every single detail. The production of our products has always been linked with organic cultivation, that is to say with the absolute absence of any chemical products both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Since 2022 we have finally obtained the certification and we became organic also officially.

La Squadra


Hello, my name is Aston.
Aston is a very sweet and playfull dog of the Lagotto Romagnolo Italian breed. With his liveliness he conveys cheerfulness, and he is always ready to come with us in every moment of our activities in the farm. A true mascot of the estate.

valentina sicca


I have never even had a garden. And now, in the estate Campo al Signore, I discover the immeasurable beauty of cultivating a plant, watching it growing and giving me its fruits.

luca parenti


Supported by the certainly suited territory, we try to make the characteristics of our vines and above all their qualities express themselves in the best possible way, and thanks to our passion and constant search for a greater and greater attention, we succeed in fully demonstrating the will that inspires this adventure.

Dario Ceccatelli


Among the vineyards, the concept of time is reversed. What is needed is patience, care, and respect for the rhythms of nature, which are already so perfect.

Alessio Bandinelli


Campo al Signore is an exciting project. This is a recently established designation, in an area rich in history and new incentives. We work with simplicity and respect to achieve great results.


Sales and Marketing

“Tenuta Campo al Signore is a unique winery, which wins you over thanks to its simplicity. A place where you can feel at home.”



“Being in contact with the land and its fruits, especially in such a terroir, is for me a source of great pride.”