Jamin: Under water Wines-UWW


  • A unique project worldwide for the variety of wines and spirits involved and for the contents in terms of experimentation, study, and sampling.
  • The University of Florence and the Italian Sommelier Association are the technical-scientific partners of this project financed by around 280 partners thanks to equity crowdfunding.
  • Anti-counterfeiting blockchain technology to protect the origin of wine bottles plunged into the sea.

Portofino, 27th October. A project that is unique in the world, carried out in one of the most beautiful places in Italy by an innovative startup, thanks to the trust of almost 280 investors and the involvement of important institutional and technical partners in a sector, the one of wines, where Italy is a world leader. This is the synthesis of the event held today in Portofino by Jamin, a leader in Italy in the cellaring and the only company focussed on underwater ageing applying a scientific method. It was, in fact, the largest wine and spirits immersion in the history of underwater cellaring;
For the first time at world level, thanks to the work of a group consisting of oenologists, physicists, biologists, and sommeliers, more than 20 types of wines and spirits were deposited into the sea as part of an unprecedented project considering the variety of involved products and the scientific and research contents.

The aim is to experiment and thus to develop techniques for wine and distillates ageing under sea level, as well as to recover the new collection of Champagne Underwater -52 already plunged a few months ago. The bottles placed underwater will be equipped with a sophisticated anti-counterfeiting system based on blockchain, the technology made well-known by bitcoin, which protects the uniqueness of the bottle and makes it possible to discover the characteristics and to trace the origin of the product even after immersion.

For the project carried out today, Jamin relied on the technical support of the Department of Science and Agrarian, Food, Environmental and Forestry Technologies of the University of Florence as well as of the Italian Sommelier Association. An important partnership to better develop the oenological niche that deals with ageing wines on the seabed to develop a new category of products, the underwaterwines, which according to experts have organoleptic, taste and olfactory properties that are different and surprising in comparison with wines aged into traditional land-based cellars.