“A beautiful land, we immediately fell in love with.”

Tenuta Campo al Signore, with its vineyards, is located right along Via Bolgherese, the road leading from Castagneto Carducci to one of the best wine-growing areas in Italy.

The protection of the hills, the proximity to the sea, the ventilation, the direct and glare light all contribute to a slow and regular ripening of the grapes that gives the wines structure, balance, and elegance. These are all typical characteristics of the wine products of this terroir.

Not just a unique terroir for its typology: Bolgheri is an idea, a mosaic of images, a cradle of dreams and real ambitions. An avenue of cypresses that has paved the way for the new Italian oenology, bringing its wines into the spotlight of the world.

The flourishing Mediterranean scrub on one side, the sea outlining the Tyrrhenian coast on the other. An unrepeatable territory brushed in green, blue, and brown with an exceptional microclimate to produce excellent wines.



Castagneto Carducci is a typical hamlet located on a hill facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, whose territory consists of the small villages of Bolgheri, Donoratico and Marina di Castagneto. In the medieval hamlet of Castagneto and its surrounding territory, after the Langobardic domination, the historic Della Gherardesca family exercised a very strong authority for many centuries. Human presence on this enchanting land, however, did not begin with the appearance of Castagneto in 754 A.D.: some flints and fragments of pottery from prehistoric times found in the area are evidences that this area of the coastline was continuously frequented; together with the other stretches of the Tuscan Archipelago, from Livorno to Piombino, it gives rise to the ‘Etruscan Coast’.
And it is precisely the history of the Etruscans that concerns Castagneto: the discovery of many archaeological finds testifies both the metallurgical activity of this people and the important agricultural workings to make wine.

But the real turning point came with the arrival of the Counts della Gherardesca and their activities in agriculture. It is with Guido Alberto della Gherardesca, in fact, that the true oenological history of the area began.A wine enthusiast and expert, thanks to some experiences in France, he tried to study and to improve the wine-making techniques of Bolgheri, importing new grape varieties of French origin: from Cabernet to Syrah.

It was only in the 1980s that the real turning point in oenology occurred, with Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, husband of Clarice della Gherardesca.
Della Rocchetta introduced two French grape varieties into Bolgheri viticulture, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, in a land where no one before that time would have ever thought of making a Bordeaux wine on Italian soil.

As a result, the use of Cabernet and barriques soon spread from Tuscany to the entire peninsula.

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