The Territory

Not just a unique type of land: Bolgheri is an idea, a mosaic of images, a cradle of dreams and real ambitions, an avenue of cypresses that has opened the doors to the new Italian oenology, leading its wines in the spotlight of the world.

The luxuriant Mediterranean forest on one side and the sea that outlines the Tyrrhenian coast on the other. A unique area brushed with green, blue and brown with an exceptional microclimate for the production of great wines.

The family-run business Campo al Signore with its vineyards is located right along the via Bolgherese, the road that leads from Castagneto Carducci into the best area for viticulture.

The protection of the hills, the proximity to the sea, the ventilation, the direct and reflected light contribute to a slow and regular maturation of the grapes that gives structure, balance and elegance to the wines.