Who we are

Who we are

“One day, coming back from a business trip, I passed through Bolgheri and I fell in love with it”. That is how Luca and Valentina’s adventure in the exciting world of wine was born. He was a business consultant and she was the head of an event company for the art world. “We had never thought about the countryside but then we felt the desire to have a small space of our own, far from the city bustle and daily rhythms. We thought of a project to build together step by step, to nurture and see grow “.

In 2010 Luca and Valentina bought a farmhouse and a piece of land in the warm and welcoming area of “Alta Maremma”. Then, they did some renovations to maintain the original structure while giving it a touch of modernity and elegance. With passion and meticulousness, they immediately became attached to this place made of sun, sea and slow rhythms, where you can rediscover values ​​of simplicity and patience.

“Here the concept of time is overturned or, perhaps, brought back to normal” say Luca and Valentina. “We are used to a world where everything can be changed according to time: the more you work, the more you get. In agriculture it’s not like that. Nature has its times to respect and share and it’s good for the soul to rediscover the thrill of observation and to see a plant grow and bear fruit.”.

Now Campo al Signore is a cosy residence with warm tones and precious colour details. It is surrounded by a garden, a vegetable garden, many fruit trees and a large courtyard. In the basement you can find a cellar, a barrel cellar and a tasting room with a real library of wines.

The rows of vines alternate with olive trees, the other great protagonists of the business.

Tradition and innovation meet to achieve the maximum quality with minimum intervention.

And to experience Tuscany and taste every aspect of it, Luca, a great motoring enthusiast, often takes a drive on board of a vintage car belonging to his private collection. If you are lucky, you can admire the different and unique cars at the farm, those that made the history of engines.

Our philosophy

The company is young and dynamic. Our desire is to produce great wines that are the expression of this land, in full respect of the seasons and the rhythms of nature. Our natural and genuine products are obtained by minimising exogenous additions and external technical interventions.


We pick the grapes selecting them carefully in the coolest hours of the day and strictly by hand, choosing the best bunches. We can get up to five different harvests in the field and, within the same vineyard, harvesting can be done gradually by collecting the grapes even at three different times.
In the cellar, we vinify the batches of grapes separately and, for those destined to the production of red wines, we have studied a particular wine making technique using stems.

Olive collection

Our olive trees are between 20 and 200 years old and occupy an area of ​​about four hectares. We hand-pick olives from mid-October to early November using nets. Then, the olives are cold pressed in a continuous cycle system on the same day.


Vino Rosso di Bolgheri



Among the vineyards the concept of time is overturned. We need patience, attention and respect for the rhythms of nature, which are already so perfect.

Vino Rosso di Bolgheri



I’d never even had a garden. And now, in Campo al Signore, I discovered the immense beauty of taking care of a plant, seeing it grow and bear fruit.

Vino Rosso di Bolgheri



“Campo al Signore is an exciting project. We are talking about a recent appellation, a territory rich in history and new challenges. We work with simplicity and respect to achieve great results.”.



Encouraged by the certainly suitable territory, we try to make the characteristics of our vines and above all their qualities express the best. Thanks to our passion and our constant search for greater accuracy we are able to fully demonstrate the will that lies at the root of this adventure..