The world’s first underwater rosé wine, the first wine of Bolgheri designation in history aged underwater in the sea at a depth of more than 50 metres, comes from Castagneto Carducci and is produced by Tenuta Campo Al Signore.

It is an innovative winery committed to constant research and development, producing elegant wines in one of the most important and most suitable areas in Italy, Bolgheri at Castagneto Carducci.

Aged for more than 180 days at a pressure of 6 bar in an underwater cellar employing the techniques developed by Jamin, an engineering company for the underwater ageing of wines and spirits, it “lands” in its first UWW version on 10 June 2022.

Only 888 numbered bottles for the 2022 collection, a deep harmonic wine characterised by underwater ageing, which was and still is also the topic of studies by the Department of Agriculture in Florence.

This collection boasts the white UWW guarantee label to indicate that the product has been subject to a true Ageing technique according to the Jamin Underwaterwines models, but it is still adjusting and optimizing the processes which may continue for at least two collections, the aim then being to conclude the application of the techniques and to provide a true UWW Black Label, that to say a constant quality standard over time.

This wine, in this case a 2018 vintage, shows an exceptional brightness and a colour which almost reminds us of Orange wines.
On the nose, an unexpected complexity evokes ripe red fruits, including first of all peach skins, and leads us towards spicy notes that are not at all predictable.
In the mouth, it is soft and elegant with a persistence that, in the retro-nasal, brings us back to the red fruit we found earlier, but which ranges from peach peel to raspberry and small forest fruits almost similar to a jam; in the middle of the mouth, we find it elegant, soft and fine.

In the end, one is struck by the excellent acid structure of the hard components such as great sapidity and good freshness, which for a 2018 rosé wine are by no means taken for granted, but which for the original UnderWaterWines are a trademark of their ageing process.

An excellent product for those who love rosé wines, it is surely suitable to be served at a temperature of around 10 to 12 degrees, with crudités and fish first courses, especially with shellfishes.